An integral member of the pioneering FOREVER PUNK community and a graduate of the labels PRIVATE PERSONS, TRAM Planet, Electro Music Coalition, NO SERVICE & Don’t Recordings.


Founder of System 108 label, but also one of the key figures of Russian electronic scene. He have been participating at the major events and festivals. Spirit of liberty, diversity of musical genres and experiments with different formats are the main parts of System 108 ideology.


CREAM SODA – is a genuine flow of interior force, a fresh symbiosis of dance, wild emotions and youth all at the same time. The collective still remains one of the most exciting projects on the Russian music scene.


Kito Jempere is a Russian electronic musician, DJ, performer and producer. He is the member of the bands Uniquetunes, Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club, Kito Jempere Band, Mancave and the leader of the solo musical project Toje Kito.