“Ajarai” — First single from forthcoming “Uus” EP by newcomer Uraan on STVOL Records. “Uus” in the Yakut language translates to “master,” and if you read the full name, Uus Uraan translates to amateur art. In this EP, we precisely convey the blending of old-school rave culture and elements of ethnic music, the voices of our land. All the titles have Yakut origins.

Single “Ajarai” recorded with RLGN (An integral member of the pioneering FOREVER PUNK community and a graduate of the labels PRIVATE PERSONS, STVOL, BNR, Lone Romantic & Don’t Recordings.)

Full “Uus” EP will be released: September 29, 2023
Listen sampler below:


  1. Urui
  2. Toyuk
  3. Algys XX
  4. Taba
  5. Ajarai (feat. RLGN)
  6. Timir